Minecrawler plate armor is made from Minecrawler plate, which can be acquired as loot by killing Minecrawler.

Gothic 2Edit

Minecrawler Plate Armor can be acquired as soon as Chapter Two is started and the player can access the Valley of Mines. First, the Nameless Hero has to talk to the hunter Gestath, who can be found near the top of the mountain southeast of the Castle in the Valley of Mines. After talking to him, the player must talk to Wolf, who can be found on Onar's Farm in Khorinis. Wolf is willing to make this piece of armor free of charge, but the player character must bring him ten Minecrawler plates. This amount of plates can only be obtained with the trophy taking skill, which requires 3 LP.


Starting from the castle, the player must walk east, crossing the collapsed battering ram until he hits the river and avoid or kill the orc warriors which are besieging the castle. Then follow the river to the south until you stumble across the small brigde to the east, which leads to the orc wall. To avoid orcs, the player can swim southeast until the bridge and the waterfall, where, 3-4 orcs are stationed. Don't cross the bridge to get to the small piece of land, but run past the orcs while heading southeast and staying close to the water until you reach the slope of the mountain. Run up the mountain slope while remaining to the western edge in order to avoid the lizard which inhabitat the area. The hunter is close to campfire near the top of the mountain. After talking to the hunter, the player can take the same route back to the castle or use the Castle rune, or Valley of Mines Pass rune