Nameless Hero
Nameless Hero





He's the character that is used by the player.


Before Gothic Edit

After the unknown death of King Rhobar I, his son Rhobar II buried him with General Lee and others. Then Rhobar II took the empire from his father. Records don't show Rhobar II had kids with his wife, but a discovery shows Innos told Rhobar II to have kids his wife and name the child. They forgot to give a name because a guard had stolen the baby, Nameless Hero, because a merchant from Cape Dun rewarded that guard. Then after the merchant had the baby(NH), he went in Island Khorinis and he was raised there as a good man. After NH is a little older he returned to Myrtnana and he went to Cape Dun. He was lied to, he was born there. By the way, after he disappeared as a baby, Rhobar searched the whole country for him. Rhobar thought his baby was dead. When NH was an adult, he left Cape Dun he went to Vengard where killed a man with a poker for some money then Rhobar heard, and NH was sent again in Khorinis in the slammer 2 months then in the penal Colony.

Innos Spoke to him...after throwing NH in the Barrier Rhobar remembered NH was not dead..he was alive...because he will stop war between orcs and he will die by sword of his father or Lee

Innos knowing Rhobar II will lose the war..Innos spoked with Rhobar II with visions (Lose the baby,lose the war,trown his son in the Barrier and kill all dragons and come again in Myrtana with Esmeralda..Rhobar don't saied Son because NH was raised by a rich  merchant until 19 years old..

After born..guard hired by a rich merchant stolen the baby in first night..when all was sleeped even the king..the guard who suposed to guard the baby ..he stolen...and the rich merchant don't gived a name ...that merchant was infertile..we wan't able to make kids and he decided to stole one..and one from imperial court.

then when king woked up..and when he realised his boy dissapeared he start to search but NH was in the way to Khorinis...a few years Innos sayed to Rhobar ''You will lose the war...but the salvation will come what you lose years ago'' at the beggining Rhobar don't understand what he want to say..after the crime of NH in Vengard Rhobar send NH in the barrier then NH in the Barrier ,Rhobar remembered what Innos saied to the king..then king waited to see if is true..after destroyng the Barrier Rhobar waited to see then he seen Innos was not wrong

The hero was kept locked up in a hole for two months before being thrown in the Barrier.

Gothic IEdit

Before being sentenced by the judge and thrown into the colony, the hero was given a letter by a magician. He was to deliver this letter to the High Magician of the Circle of Fire. After being thrown inside the barrier, he was encountered by the guard Bullit and his boys, who beat him up as welcome. The shadow Diego saved him and then told him everything he needs to know about the colony and the three camps. He meets Diego again back in the Old Camp, where he also guides him, sends him to Thorus and monitorizes his progress in the camp. The hero is led by his missions to the other two camps aswell.

After a while he got accepted into one of them, of his choice. In the New Camp he befriended specially with the mercenary Gorn while in the Swamp Camp with the novice Lester. He also had connections with Lares, Lee and some Gurus in the Swamp Camp, including Cor Kalom. This gave him a way to get into the castle and talk to the magicians. He finds out that the one who he had to deliver the letter to was Corristo, and he hands it over to his apprentice, Milten to give it to Corristo himself, even if the letter was adressed to Xardas. He receives a mission from Cor Kalom, one of the highest gurus from the Swamp Camp to bring him something that contains more minecrawler secretion than their mandibles. He goes to the Old Mine where he gets the minecrawler eggs which Cor Kalom needs in order to get stronger secretion.

For his proof of courage, strenght and fighting skill he got accepted into the next guild in the camp he chose to join. He continued to help Y'Berion and the Swamp Camp prepare the invocation, by bringing him the focus from the cliff watching the ocean, after killing the novice Nyras, and the almanac which was stolen by black goblins from Talas. When the invocation of the Sleeper took place, the vision shown an orc cemetery, and Y'Berion got stroke down. Cor Kalom took some templars and novices with him and seeked out the Sleeper. Cor Angar sent the hero to the orc cemetery in the vision again, with Talas' help. In the orc cemetery he met the guru that was sent there, Baal Lukor, surrounded by templars who were ambushed and killed by the orcs. He helped Baal Lukor find answers, until, the sentiment of not finding anything turned the guru mad, and he tried to kill the hero, but he paid with his own life for that. The hero returned to the swamp camp, to report from Cor Angar and to find out that the Sleeper was an archdemon, and not a god. He gathered some herbs to heal Y'Berion, but it was too late. The leader of the templars sent him to the New Camp, hoping that the water mages' plan to detonate the barrier using the magic ore that the scrapers collected.

The hero talked to Saturas, the leader of the Magicians of the Circle of Water, who sent him to collect the other four remaining focus stones which he would need. With the help of Diego, he got the focus from the canyon, with the help of Gorn the focus from the monastery ruins, with the help of Lester the focus from the mountain fort and with the help of Milten the focus from the ring of stone. He returned all the focus stones to Saturas, but in order to detonate the barrier, there needed to be all the mages gathered together. So he went to the Old Camp to speak to the fire mages, only to find Milten in front of the north gate with some bad news. He sent him to Diego on the other side to tell him more. The Old Mine caved in, and Gomez planned to attack the Free Mine. The fire mages opposed, since they knew that it would only bring war, so Gomez had them killed. Diego told him to tell Gorn and Lester to meet him and Milten in their meeting place. The hero was also exiled from the Old Camp from now on, since they considered him the main enemy now. He returned to Saturas to tell him about his brothers.

Saturas told him that there was one last chance and that is to summon Xardas the Necromancer. The hero set out to the orc lands to find Xardas in order to help the other mages detonate the barrier. After defeating his minions, he reached his demon servant who gave him a rune which would teleport him to the necromancer. After meeting him, he was told to find and save an orc shaman, that would give him more information about the escape from the barrier, which was to be found somewhere under the orc village. The hero saved the shaman Ur'Shak and received help from him, giving him all the information and telling him about Tarrok, his friend that remained in the Free Mine, who could make him an ULU-MULU to enter the orc village. The hero returned this information to Xardas and then returned to Saturas to tell him the news. He then went with Gorn to free the Free Mine, after it got invaded by Gomez's henchmen, but not before he talked to Wolf about a new armor design made from crawler plates. They assaulted the guards from the mine, freed it and found Tarrok. After finding his medicine, the hero received the list of ingredients in order to make an ULU-MULU. The hero gathers them, returns them to Tarrok, gets his ULU-MULU and his minecrawler plate armor from Wolf. He returns to Xardas to tell him he found a way to get into the temple.

He finally gets through the orc village and into the temple of the Sleeper, after he steals a statue and opens the gate. There he meets many skeletons, minecrawlers, undead orcs and in the end templars. He also fights four of the undead orc shamen that summoned the Sleeper and takes their blades and staves. The fourth one was guarding a strange sword called URIZIEL. He decided to exit the temple and go back to tell Xardas about it. Xardas told him about the sword's magic qualities and that it needs to be recharged. He starts to write a magic formula for the sword to be reactivated and in the meanwhile sends the hero to his old tower to get himself a better armor. When he returned the formula was ready, but only a magician could read it and only at a big enough source of magic. He found Milten back at Saturas, and asked for his help on this matter. They went to the big ore mound, where Milten read the magic formula while the hero recharged the sword by placing it into the mound. The water mages saw them, so the hero had no choice but to teleport out of there, at Milten's advice. He went to show Xardas the recharged sword, and prepared to go into the temple again.

Before he went into the temple, however, he decided to use the rune he found in the necromancer's old tower to teleport to the Old Camp. There he was encountered by Bartholo, whom he killed, just like he did with the rest of the guards and the ore barons who stood in his way. He killed everybody including Gomez. He also freed Stone, who was the only one from within the camp still on his side, apart from Diego, Milten, Cavalorn and Scorpio who were outside the camp. Stone reinforced his armor to show his gratitude for being freed.

With the reinforced armor, the hero went back into the temple, where he fought his way through more of the templars and through the leader of the undead orc shamen. Just before Sleeper's summoning chamber, he met Xardas, who told him that he doesn't have much time, after which he fell asleep under the influence of the Sleeper's magic. The hero arrived in the last chamber, where there was Cor Kalom surrounded by novices in front of the Sleeper. After confronting and defeating the former guru, the hero pierced the five hearts with the five blades, and then pierced the archdemon's head with the sword, thus banishing him from his world forever, with the cost of being stuck under rocks after the temple caved in.

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