New Camp

Main Leader


Secondary Leaders

Saturas (leader of Water Mages), Lares (leader of rogues)


west of The Colony, Khorinis


The New Camp is one of the two camps that follow breaking out of the Barrier. While the Old Camp was the only camp in the colony, the Magicians of the Circle of Water had an idea which was to detonate the barrier once they've scraped enough ore together. They got Lee and some other men who he took as mercenaries to protect them. They also had Lares and his group of rogues who can steal whatever their crew needs. They found their camp near a newly discovered mine to the west of the Colony. Their ranks consist of the Magicians of the Circle of Water who are leading the camp, followed by the mercenaries, then the rogues and then the scrapers.



Magicians of the Circle of WaterEdit

The Magicians of the Circle of Water are the spiritual and magical heart of the New Camp, woshipping Adanos, the God of Neutrality and Balance. They contain their leader Saturas along with Cronos "The Keeper of the Ore", Riordian the alchemist, Nefarius, Merdarion and Myxir. To become one of the magicians, a mercenary must gain their trust in them and their fighting skills before being teached the arts of magic.


The mercenaries are the ones who protect the water mages while they study the magical ore. They are responsible with protecting the camp, but not to keep the ones inside it from fighting, since the citizen of the camp have much freedom. They are led by Lee, the leader of the whole camp. High-ranking mercenaries also include Gorn. To become a mercenary, a rogue must prove himself worthy to Lee.


The rogues are the main source of income of the New Camp. They steal the supplies the whole camp needs to survive from the other two camps, mainly from the Old Camp. The rogues are led by Lares, but between their ranks there can also be found Mordrag, who can be first encountered being accused of stealing from the Ore Barons. To become a rogue, a scraper must bring something stolen to the gang leader.


The scrapers are the only unofficial guild of the camp in which anyone can join, they are the ones who get the ore the mages need for their plan of detonating the barrier. They can usually be seen in the Free Mine or at the bar on the lake from the New Camp.