Old Camp
Old Camp

Main Leader


Secondary Leaders

Raven (Gomez's right hand), Corristo (leader of Fire Mages), Thorus (leader of guards), Diego (leader of shadows)


center of The Colony, Khorinis


Colony of KhorinisEdit

The Old Camp has been established first; it is biggest of all camps in a colony. Long ago it used to be a castle of one of royal vassals of the King who received quite good income of extraction of the magic ore for the King. Later, when the war with Orcs hit its high point, and Valley of the Mines has started to turn into a penal colony. Crowds of convicts-miners have started to lodge in vicinities of the old castle.

The BarrierEdit

For some time people of the king maintained relative order in the colony, but all their efforts to maintain peace among the prisoners was crossed out by one event. The Barrier, and during the moment of its formation, convicts led by Gomez have arranged an uprising. Having taken advantage of their jailers’ confusion, who were not aware of King orders about the formation of the Barrier around the penal colony, prisoners have revolted and killed all of the Kings people. All armour, weapon and the main thing - authority, have instantly passed on to prisoners. With the prisoners as the main force within The Colony now, they took the Old Camp and thereby, the Old Mine (the main and only source of magical ore at that time). King Rhobar II had no choice but to negotiate with the convicts. It was for their common goodness, they were getting supplies as in food, weapons and armor while the outside world received the mined ore in exchange.

The Big Split-UpEdit

While the majority of the Colony was alright with the idea of living off the deliveries from the outside world, two big parties split up to pursue their escape plans. Half of the mages that created the barrier, the six Magicians of the Circle of Water took warriors who served as mercenaries and rogues with them to the west of the colony where they found a new mine, while Y'Berion, after receiving a vision from the Sleeper, took men with him to the temple ruins from the swamp. Now the water mages, mercenaries, rogues and scrapers known as the New Camp think that they can just detonate the barrier once they've scraped enough ore together, while the gurus, templars and novices known as the Brotherhood of the Sleeper, Sect Camp or Swamp Camp pray to their idol to set them free. The Old Camp had their own ranks aswell. While the Magicians of the Circle of Water left the camp, the Magicians of the Circle of Fire remained. The ore barons occupied the highest rank. Next in line to them were the guards, followed by the shadows. The diggers were the lowest, but also the most important, being the ore source of the whole camp.



1. North Gates

North Gates

The road from these gates goes two ways, to the west it leads to the Old Mine and to the north it leads into the mountains, a place of trade with the outside world. It’s through these gates that all the caravans’ with magic ore, food and merchandise go. That’s probably one of the main reasons why you can often meet rogues and thieves from the New Camp around these gates.

2. Cartographers House

2. Cartographers House

This little, fairly unnoticeable wooden shack is actually the house of the only cartographer in the colony, Graham, who is able to draw you a map of the entire colony. Also this genius of an artist can sketch you something a bit more interesting than a map.

3. Arena

The arena is one of the reasons men from the two other camps come into the Old Camp. Scatty is the one that organizes the bets and hires new fighters. There can be seen fighting and training the mercenary Kharim, the guard Kirgo and a member of the Brotherhood.

4. Castle Gates

The castle gates are the only way to get into the inner ring. The guards there will block the acces of anybody who doesn't have at least the rank of shadow or who doesn't have a good reason to enter. This is the place where Thorus can be found during the day.

5. Blacksmith

The best place for the guards to get equipment is the blacksmith from the inner ring. Skip is the merchant that deals with the weapons while Stone is the blacksmith that provides armor for the guards.

6. Castle

Being the residence of the Ore Barons, the castle is the most guarded building from the Old Camp. Apart from the chests from the Ore Barons' rooms, there are chests containing valuable items in the high tower above.

7. Temple

The smaller building next to the castle is the temple. It's the place where the Magicians of the Circle of Fire reside and spend all their time. At its entrance is Milten, not far from him being Torrez and Rodriguez. The other Magicians, including Corristo, Drago and Damarok, stay inside all the time.

8. Market

One of the most populated zones from the outer ring is the marketplace. This is the place where merchants like Dexter or Fisk can be found. It's the same place the Hero finds the Brotherhood member who takes him to the Swamp Camp.

9. South Gates

The road out of the Old Camp through this gate can bring you to the Swamp Camp if you choose to go to the east, or to the orc land if you go to south. Jackal is the guard who takes care of the district regarding these gates.


Ore BaronsEdit

The Ore Barons, led by Gomez and his right hand, Raven, control the Old Camp and thereby the whole ore trade. Apart from Gomez and Raven, the other Ore Barons are Bartholo and Gomez's bodyguards Scar and Arto.

Magicians of the Circle of FireEdit

The Magicians of the Circle of Fire are the spiritual and magical heart of the Old Camp, worshipping Innos, the God of Light. They contain their leader Corristo along with Torrez, Rodriguez, Drago, Damarok and Corristo's apprentice Milten. To become one of them, a shadow must impress Thorus and at the same time the other mages.


The guards, led by Thorus, are the main force of the Old Camp. Their duty is to protect the Ore Barons, the camp and the diggers from the camp and the mine. Unlike shadows, they stick together. They sleep in the inner ring, most of them sharing the room with few others. There are three guards in the outer ring that take protection money from the diggers on their districts:

To join them, a shadow must impress their leader, Thorus.


The shadows are the quest carriers of the Old Camp. They receive missions from the Ore Barons and sometimes from the guards. Unlike guards, they are on their own. The shadows are led by Diego. He trusts Fingers, the most skillful among them, Sly, Whistler and the two merchants Dexter and Fisk. The shadows sleep in the outer ring. To join them, a digger must impress other shadows that will speak for him in front of Diego, and complete the Test of Faith.


The diggers are the only unofficial guild of the Old Camp, and also the only guild where anybody can join. They are the base of the camp, working in the mines digging for ore, which they mainly trade for supplies with the higher ranks for goods from the outside world, thus the ore reaching the king. They can also choose to spend their ore to pay 10 nuggets to the guards as protection money. They sleep in the outer ring, in houses similar to the shadows'.