Raw Meat
Raw Meat

Type of item


Raw meat - food occuring in Gothic, Gothic II, Gothic II: Night of the Raven, Gothic 3 and Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods. It's a single piece of raw meat which can be acquired from most animals without having any skills. It looks like a fragment of shin with a shinbone outgoing from the middle of it.

Gothic IEdit

It can't be bought, but it can be sold for three ore nuggets. It restores ten life points when eaten. Raw meat can be fried on a campfire. After frying it a hero will recieve grilled meat.

Gothic IIEdit

In the second part of game it still cannot be bought. It can be sold for one gold coin. It restores six life points. A hero can fry raw meat if he has a frying pan using campfire or kitchen.

Gothic 3Edit

It isn't called 'raw meat' anymore. Instead of that, the name of this item is just 'meat'. It can be sold for one gold coin. It can be fried and the result of frying it will be a roast.