Sect Camp

Main Leader


Secondary Leaders

Cor Kalom (second in command), Cor Angar (leader of templars)


east of The Colony, Khorinis


The Sect Camp is one of the two camps that follow breaking out of the Barrier. While the Old Camp was the only camp in the colony, Y'Berion had a vision in which the Sleeper showed himself and led him to the temple ruins, in the swamp, where they built their camp aswell. Everybody who believed his words and wanted to pray to their new idol to set them free followed him. They gave up the three gods, Adanos, Innos and Beliar, saying that the Sleeper is the only one with enough power to set them free. He showed them what the swampweed can do, and they used it as a main source of income, trading it with the other two camps for goods from the outside world. Their ranks consisted of the gurus, the masters in the arts of magic, the templars, the greatest warriors of the camp and the novices, who are training to become either one of the upper ones or both, but in the meanwhile are doing the whole working in the camp.




The gurus are the spiritual and magical heart of the Sect Camp. They are the ones who can communicate the easiest with the Sleeper. They consist of Y'Berion, the leader of the camp, his right hand Kor Kalom and some other gurus whose names are preceded by "Baal".


The templars are the camp's greatest fighters. They guard the camp and travel to the Old Mine where they give swampweed and protection to the diggers in exchange of the minecrawlers' glands that contain the secretion Kor Kalom needs for potions. They are led by Cor Angar, the third in command in the whole camp. The highest ranked templars amongst him have "Gor Na" before their names. To join the ranks of the templars, a novice must impress their leader, Cor Angar.


The novices are the lowest class of the camp. They pray to the Sleeper, train to become great magicians like the gurus, great fighters like the templars or even combine both, and do all the work in the camp, which includes collecting swampweed or carrying out less dangerous quests. The only known higher-rank novices are Lester and Fortuno. It can be said there are two kinds of novices. Those who arrive first in the camp are unofficial novices, who can pray, train and work but are not recognized in their guild and can't wear their best armors. To join the official novice ranks, a new novice must have four lesser gurus to speak for him in front of Kor Kalom.