The skill of taking trophies allows the Nameless hero to remove body parts of creatures which can't be acquired without this skill. Most of the trophies can be acquired without any specific items in Gothic 2, nearly every different type of trophy can only be learned by talking to a hunter, who will teach you the technique, at the cost of some learning points. Sometimes, you must pay the hunter money or perform a task before you can learn to take trophies. In Gothic 2, this skill can be learned by heroes of all factions.

Gothic 2Edit

In the table below, you will find which trophies there are, which hunters can teach you how to take trophies and the amount of learning points it takes to learn the technique.

Trophy Obtainable items Teachers LP Creatures
Skins Boar skin, Hide of a Shadowbeast, Sheep skin, Skin of a Troll, Wargskin, Wolfskin Bosper, Bosper's former apprentice 5 Boar, Shadowbeast,Sheep, Troll, Warg, Wolf.
Animal (reptile) skinning Reptile skin Alligator Jack 3 Lurker, Snapper, Dragon snapper, Lizard, Flame lizard.
Bloodfly stingers Bloodfly stinger Grimbald 1. Bloodfly
Bloodfly wings Wings Grimbald 1. Bloodfly
Minecrawler plates Minecrawler plate Grimbald, Gestaht and Wolf 3. Minecrawler, Minecrawler warrior
Teeth Teeth, Swampshark Teeth, Troll tusk Grom 3.
Hearts Stone golem heart, Flame golem heart, Demon heart Grom 3. Stone Golem, Flame Golem, Demon
Flame tongue Flame Tongue Gestaht 1 Flame lizard
Dragon scales Gestaht
Dragon blood Gestaht
Claws Grom